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Are you Locked out of your property?

Do You need all your locks changed? Fresh Keys

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local Logan locksmiths can supply and install a vast range of locks including

  • deadlocks
  • patio bolts
  • window locks
  • screen doors
  • knob-sets
  • lever-sets
  • padlocks
  • mailbox locks
  • magnet locks
  • electric strikes
  • door closers

and more.

Just misplaced your keys some were in your house.

Keys can be cut for existing locks even if the original keys are lost.

Not expensive to have this done.

Locksmith Berrinba

Locksmiths Berrinba

Screen Door Locks

Screen Doors

These Locks are commonly used and made by Whitco.

Do you need a repair on your front screen?

You can match the key to your front door key when the barrel is replaced.

Three-point locking screen door often need an adjustment

Sliding screen doors

The three-point locking mechanism on a sliding screen door can get out of alignment easily & this causes the lock to stop locking.

Customers can adjust the striker plate up or down to make the lock work again.

This is a very easy job to do and all you need is a Phillips head screwdriver.

Loosen off the two screws about half to 3/4 of a turn & move the striker plate up or down by a few millimeters, try to close the door and using the key, lock the lock.

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