Information about Foyer doors

  • Foyer doors are owned by a body corporate of a strata building.
  • Strata management is a company that managers a building on behalf of the owners of that building
  • The executive committee, is a group of owners elected to represent all other Lot owners. (unit/apartment owners)
  • Some foyer doors issues that happen, locking, closing, Intercom not working, swipe card doesn’t unlock the door.

Executive Committee Members

An executive committee member can authorise a repair on a foyer door.

Below is the information we need to do the job.

  • Name of committee member (for the invoice)
  • See a copy of minutes, showing committee name
  • SP number
  • Strata managers name
  • Strata management business name


Building security relies on the door being locked and closing correctly.

Attending site

Often executive committee members will meet the locksmith to show which door is causing the problem and often will say something like ” people have just been walking in from the street” or “we have seen people in the building that don’t live here”.

Invoicing strata plans

From experience dealing with strata manager from the Locksmith side; has never been a problem, strata managers see Locksmiths as problem solvers.

We will Attend and repair the foyer door and invoice your strata management company.

Below are video’s showing how a foyer door should operate 24/7


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