Mailbox Locks

Security Mailbox Locks; will give you peace of mind, knowing no other key will open your lock.

Information By Joshua Rozario

Mailbox locks have always been low-end security.

Master keys provided a good option for a Real Estate Agents, Building Manager, Strata Managers to access a mailbox; without calling a Locksmith.

It’s no secret these keys exist and have for a long time.

Most people use email, but items like Drivers Licences or vehicle registration renewals are sent to us by the government using Australia Post.

Stolen mail causes huge problems for authorities in Australia, in Brisbane Police have publicly warned people via TV to protect their identity online.

As a Locksmith, we get requests from Strata Managers to provide a solution and help secure the mailboxes.

It’s a challenge to secure a mailbox.

But we can make it a lot harder & prevent someone with a master key from just opening the mailbox & using a key with no physical damage to the mailbox.

Basically, we want to make the crooks, work for it…

Attend Locksmiths has a custom-made adapted lock, which will replace the standard mailbox lock with a more secure lock.

Our Lock’s; ‘only have one key code’ for the lock and no ‘two locks have the same key’.

The round shape key also makes it very hard to pick open ( a locksmith can do it ) of course.

The key can be duplicated by your local Locksmith shop, a local shoe repairer can’t really help with this one.

Below is a video of mailbox locks and master keys, you will see us opening all the mailboxes just before we replace all the locks for this Strata Job.

The second video is a Channel Ten Exclusive News report about Mailbox locks and master keys, which my brother explains more about this in the interview.

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