Photos of all the most common locks used in Australia

Here you will find all the common Lock Photos

Lock Photos of Dead Latches, Deadlocks, Garage locks, Window Lock, Keyless locks,

Most locks come in different colours & most of these locks can be matched to the one key (one key can work all the locks)

These locks are quality locks and well-known brands, which Locksmiths recommend using.

Most of the locks are not available to the general public or in a hardware store. Some Whitco products are.

 1/2 knobset lever lock Lock Photos Attend locksmiths 07 3133 4244

1/2 knobset lever lock

Knob leverset Lock Photos Attend locksmiths 07 3133 4244

Knob lever set

Standard knobset Lock Photos front door lock for units

EA3000 knobset

Shop front door dead Lock Lock Photos

Block lock for sliding doors

Shop or garage door Lock Photos

Block Lock rear fix

Shop or sliding door or front door commercial Lock Photos

ADI Bolt standard

Screen door Lock Photos Attend locksmiths

Tasman MK3 escape inside handle always unlocked


Tasman MK3

Whitco Patio Bolt

Whitco Patio Bolt comes in White & Black

Whitco Multi bolt

Multi bolt can be used for windows

Whitco chain winder

Whitco window lockable chain winder

Lockwood ES2000 electric strike

ES2000 electric strike with latch switch

Lockwood deadlatch

Lockwood deadlatch used on standard door/ unit front doors

Lockwood 001 lever dead lock

Lockwood deadlatch with inside leaver “easy opening” & key lockable

Lockwood 002 lever dead latch

deadlatch with lever “easy opening” Good for units, commercial fire exit doors

Whitco cylinder

Whitco cylinder “small key” not recommended

Whitco cylinder

Screen door cylinder “with normal key”  “Better security cylinder”

Lockwood 201 cylinder

Lockwood 201 cylinder ” Common for front doors”

Sliding door lock

Sliding screen door lock “Very Common Lock”

Door Closer

Basic Door Closer


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