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Do you need some Replacement Mazda Keys?

Attend Locksmiths can help if your keys have been Lost or Stolen for your Mazda car.

Making keys to your Mazda car when “all keys are lost” is when you need to call a Locksmith.

If you have one key and you’re after a duplicate key, most shopping centers have a key cutting shop.

There are pro & cons to duplicating a car key by cloning your existing car key on some cars.

All Keys Lost situation for Mazda cars

Attend Locksmiths is a mobile locksmith business that Attend’s your location.

  • We can unlock your Mazda car
  • Remove old programmed keys
  • Cut new keys back to original manufactures size (Brand new keys made)
  • Program in remotes
  • Make keys to your Mazda car when all keys are lost

Duplicating a car key

Not all car keys can be duplicated/cloned from an existing key, this is because the anti-theft system recognizes each key & knows if the key is a clone.

Cloning a car key

When cloning a car key, what can happen is one key will work & then in a few weeks when you use the other key it will not work.

It’s always best to have the key programmed into the car, the reason why is because the car’s computer has its own storage spot for the keys ID number.

Some cars can have up to 8 individual keys programmed into the car, That’s 8 different key ID numbers, which the cars computer can store the information.

Replacement Remotes

Major manufacturers like Ford & Mazda & Toyota make the anti-theft system capable, for a customer to program in a new remote.

Each model of car has a different procedure, others are the same across many models, like Ford.

Best to Google your exact car to get instructions.

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