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Handle Locks

Handle Locks are one of the most common locks in your home or shop or office.

These locks come in different types, shapes and colours.


These Handle locks types are known as:

  • Entrance Set
  • Privacy Set
  • Passage set
  • Classroom set

Each one of these handle locks has a set function which describes how each handle lock will operate.


There are a lot of shapes the actual handle can come in, this includes levers


There are more and more colours available, but the normal colour finishers are

  • Stainless steel
  • Chrome Plate
  • Gold
  • Brown
  • Matt Black

What each Type of handle lock does

Entrance Sets

On your front door or back door, you will have a handle lock called an “Entrance set”.

Entrance Sets is the generic term, used to describe a handle lock that has a key on one side & locks that side of the door.

On the inside of an Entrance set, there could be a Push Button, Turn Snib or the knob is just free access all the time.

Privacy Sets

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