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Keyless Locks

Lockwood Digital Locks

Mechanical type Keyless Locks don’t require batteries and work of the mechanical pressing of the buttons to operate the lock.

These kinds of locks are reliable.


You will get many years out of the locks. Without a locksmith needing to come and service them.

(Every few years a squirt of WD40 does wonders)

To operate the lock requires a pin code (4 to 6) numbers long and Turing the knob.

Some key-less locks allow the customer to change the pin code easily.



The most common brand is Lockwood here in Australia, but they are a few other brands that have come onto the market offering a very similar product for a lot less.

Lockwood Digital


Lockwood Digital is available also in Gold colour. 


The Lockwood product is a very well made lock and offers different configuration.

From a latch type to a deadlock type to a Mortise lock type normally found in commercial premises.

Below are some photos of the Lockwood key-less lock in its different configurations.



Other Keyless Locks types


From Bike Keyless locks, padlocks, deadlock and today’s swipe cards entry system provide easy entry to almost any property.

As we get older; keyless locks make opening a door effortless.

Today we can make your front door open Automatically, just by waving a proximity card at a reader.

Proximity cards are very popular, you Pay wave credit card or debit card is a form of a proximity card.

Public transport in Melbourne, Sydney & Brisbane all use proximity cards as your ticket.


Also, you now can use your phone & swipe the door open or even press a button on an App to turn on light, open your garage door & water your garden.

Keyless entry to a locked door is the start of what is to come.

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