Replacement Ford keys

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Ford car keys

Attend Locksmiths specialize in Ford Falcon & Ford Territory ignition barrel repairs.

If you have lost your keys to your Ford car, we can make new keys & program the keys into your car.

Replacement Ford keys

In the event that all keys have been lost for your Ford or Mazda car, you will need a Locksmith to make two new master keys for the car.

A lot of the time, Locksmith prices are cheaper than the local Ford dealer to make new keys to your car.

The keys have a transponder chip which is inside the head of the key; which will need to be programmed into the car.

Ford dealers often sub-contract these jobs out to a local locksmith.

Attend Locksmiths can make a new master key for your Ford or Mazda car.

Would you like a flip key for your Ford car?

We attend the location.

We open/unlock the car.

Sometime we will need to remove the lock from the door to make the physical key.

We then program the transponder into the cars computer.

Then we test all the keys, & reinstall the door lock & you’re on your way.

Replacement Ford keys

Replacement Ford keys when you have lost all keys to your car.

Car keys are just one of those things we have and use every day.

We don’t think too much about car keys or house keys until either we can’t find them.

Car keys have transponders in the head of the key which most people know,

but having another Ford car key replacement made is something we never get around to doing.

Here is a list of the Ford car we support FORD Keys

Costs to replace a car key

Who much will it cost to get a new car key? 

If you already have one car key & just after a duplication on the key without a transponder it’s about $18 

Other replacement car keys that can be cloned will start at $40 and range up to $160. providing you have an original key to copy from.


Lost all keys to your Ford Car?

The most popular Ford cars you will see on the road in Australia are the Ford Falcon and the Ford territory.

There are two different types of key these cars use, The original Fo21 key blank & the newer style HU101 key blank.


Replacement Ford keys Ford AU BA BF FG FGX SX SY Car keysFord transponder BF FG FGX XY Replacement Ford keys

Cost of making a new key to your Ford car

The older style Ford Falcon key “Fo21” used on the AU Ford Falcon, BA Ford Falcon.

For a locksmith to make a new key and program the new key into the car.

The new style Ford key “Hu101” is a higher security key.

The cost to make two new keys to your Ford car that uses the Hu101 used BF, FG, SY, SZ, and other new Ford cars.

There is an option to have a flip key.

Ford AU BA BF FG FGX SX SY keys Replacement Ford keys

Attend locksmiths can make new car keys for your Ford cars

The Flip key has the key blade inside the remote and holds the transponder.

If you lose all the keys to your Ford Falcon, give us a call on 0413 120 444 we service Brisbane and the Gold Coast.

Ford car keys

Welcome to Attend Locksmiths page on Ford car keys.

Below are all the Ford cars we make keys for.

We make keys to Ford cars when all keys are lost or stolen.

Our Ford Locksmith will come to your location and

  • Open your car
  • Make a physical key to the cars ignition lock
  • Program the key’s transponder into the car and you on your way.

Below is a list of Ford cars which use transponder chips, these chips need to be programmed into the car ECU / computer to start the engine.

We also can make keys for the 8C transponder used in Mazda BT50 2006 to 2009, Ranger 2006 to 2009, Laser 1999 to 2002 & Courier 2002 to 2006

Cougar SW 1999 to  2001Explorer UP 1997 to 1999Fiesta WP 2004 to 2005Laser KN 1999 to 2001
Cougar SX 2001 to 2002Explorer UQ 1999 to 2001Fiesta WQ 2006 to 2008Laser KQ 2001 to 2002
Explorer UT 2001 to 2002Fiesta WS 2008 to 2011Ford Ranger PJ 2006 to 2009
Escape BA 2001 to 2003Explorer UX 2003 to 2003Fiesta WT 2010 to 2013Ford Ranger PK 2009 to 2011
Escape ZA 2003 to 2004Explorer UZ 2003 to 2005Fiesta WZ 2013Courier PH & PG 2002 to 2006
Escape ZB 2004 to 2006

F250 RN 2003 to 2006

Escape ZC 2006 to 2008Focus LR 2002 to 2005

F250 XL/XLT 2001 to 2003

Escape ZD 2008 to 2012Focus LS 2005 to 2007Ford Ranger PX 2011 to 2015
Focus LT 2007 to 2009Ford Ranger PX2 2015
Focus LV 2009 to 2010
Falcon Fairmont Fairlane AU2 2000 to 2001
Focus LV MKII 2010 to 2011
Territory SX 2004 to 2005
Falcon Fairmont Fairlane AU3 2001 to 2002
Focus LW MKII 2012 to 2014
Territory SY MK1 2005 to 2009
Transit VH 2000 to 2004
Falcon Fairmont Fairlane BA 2002 to 2005
Focus LZ 2014 on>Territory SY MK2 2009 to 2011Transit VJ 2004 to 2006
Falcon Fairmont Fairlane BF 2005 to 2008
Territory SZ MK1 2011 to 2014Transit VM 2006 to 2012
Falcon Fairmont Fairlane FG MK1 2008 to 2011
Territory SZ MK2 2014 on>Transit Custom 2014
Falcon Fairmont Fairlane FG MK2 2011 to 2014
Falcon Fairmont Fairlane FGX 2014 on>





Ford falcon car keys programmed

Side View of key

Ford car keys

Locking your car keys in the vehicle or misplacing them is a common occurrence.

Attend locksmiths can help with

Unlock vehicle doors

  • Rekey lost car keys
  • Cutting new car keys
  • Programming of transponder chips into the Ford car.
  • Adding a spare key to the car
  • Ignition repairs or replacement ignitions after damage
  • Many more

When next you have an emergency of this nature, Attend locksmiths is just a phone call away on 0413 120 444

You will be speaking with trade qualified locksmith with many years of experience who be able to assist you.

Ford Ignition Repairs

This is a really common problem with Ford Falcon cars from the mid-2000s.

The cars that are affected by this problem are the AU, BA, BF. All of a sudden you try to start the car and nothing happens.

There is no resistance on the key & no spring back action.

Now, these cars are getting up in age, we are seeing more and more worn out ignition barrels.

Here is a video of a job we did.


Ford Ignition repair

Ford Ignitions for the Ford Falcon and Ford Territory have a problem with the back key switch coming off the ignition.

A lot of the time this can be put back together and no extra parts will be required, But sometimes the key switch housing needs to be fully replaced in order for the ignition switch to work correctly and a permanent fix is done.


There is an extra cost in the aftermarket key switch housing and it requires extra time to be installed.

Just putting the switch back together works for 90% of the time and the cost is $260, but if you need the housing it is an extra $180 installed.

Below are instructions on how to program Ford car keys & remotes.

We have put instructions below on how you can program the remote into the car yourself on a ford falcon.

You will need two keys that are programmed into the Ford car.

Using these programmed Ford keys; you don’t need a Locksmith, you can DIY.

Remote Programming

  • The system can have 4 remotes programmed.
  • All old remotes will be deleted
  1. Sit in the driver’s seat and close door
  2. Insert key into the ignition and turn to the ON position
  3. Within 5 seconds, press and release the rear window demister button 3 times.
  4. The Doors will LOCK and UNLOCK to confirm programming mode.
  5. Within 5 seconds press and release the lock or unlock button on the remote to be programmed.
  6. The Doors will LOCK and UNLOCK to confirm programming success.
  7. Repeat step 5 for any further remotes.
  8. Switch key OFF and test all remotes operate.

Manual Procedure to program Ford car keys.

  • Must have 2 currently working keys.
  • The system can have 4 keys programmed.
  1. Sit in the driver’s seat and close the door.
  2. Insert the 1st programmed key into the ignition and turn it to position 1
  3. Turn 1st key OFF and remove it from the ignition
  4. Within 5 secs insert the 2nd programmed key and turn to position 2 (Red lights on Dash)
  5. Turn this key to the OFF position and remove the key.
  6. Door locks will cycle to indicate coding mode is active (once)
  7. Insert the new un-programmed key into the ignition and turn to position 2 ( Red Lights on dash)
  8. Door locks will cycle 3 times to indicate successful Programming of this key. ( It’s the 3rd key programmed into the system now)
  9. Repeat step 4 if necessary to add the 4th key.
  10. The locks will cycle four times to say you have programmed in the 4th key
  11. Open door the exit out of programming mode

Ford Falcon &  Ford Territory heater mixer shaft replacement

This is a Video on how to replace the Ford Flacon HIM & Reset & Repair & remove the Dash from a BF Falcon.

Ford Territory heater mixer shaft. BA BF FG SX SY.

Attend Locksmiths do not offer this service.

This video is for the DIY person.



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