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Lockwood deadlock

The most common used in Australia.

  • Dead Locks provide greater security from physical force against the door Lockwood deadlock
  • Different types of doors & door frames require different types of locks, Not all locks are the same.
  • They visually provide a better deterrent.


Generally, a Locksmith has better access to different types of deadlocks; than your hardware store.

A lot of the time your hardware store will stock all the common types or brands of locks but this is limited and the advice also.

Installation is the most important part to provide the right level of security, and experience is what everyone is happy to pay for.

Insurance Claims:

  • It’s best to have an Invoice form a Locksmith


Locksmiths charge a call out fee. This is to cover the time it takes to come to your place & Fuel, insurance etc.

The locksmith also charges for the time he is on site, with most Locksmiths charging around $88 per hour including GST.

Some Locksmiths will charge per 30mins normally around $44 including GST.

Then the cost of the product.

So to have one window lock installed it would cost service call $88 + 15mins labour $22 + the window lock around $45 Total $155 incl gst

Most of these locks are between $100 to $300 installed.

Window locks are a lot less expensive around the $45 mark supplied and fitted.

The handle lock is an approved fire rated lock, it’s a commercial grade which means it’s designed to be used every day on high traffic doors like a foyer door to a strata building. repair lock

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