Window Locks installed

Window Locks

Window Locks are normally supplied with 2 keys and each window lock has a different key.

If you want we can make all the window locks work on one key. No extra Cost.

The most common window locks these days, is the sliding window lock.

Sliding Window


This sliding window lock comes in Brown, White, Primrose, and the most common is Black. $35 installed

Sash windows ( Windows that slide up and down) or (Double hung windows)

like photo below can have two types of locks



You will notice with this window, there are two window locks filled to add extra physically security. Below is a photo of this lock


The other type of window lock is called a multi bolt window lock, which provides very good security as the locking pin goes through both windows. $38 installed

The window can be locked open to get air through the house without reducing security.


These Multi Bolt window lock only cost a few extra dollars and worth it. $44 installed

Awning windows


When this type of window is open even just a little bit, from the outside you can lift it open more, So we install what is called a Chain Winder window lock to stop the window from lifting up and lock the window in an open position.

This allows the window to remain open and have air flow.

Below is the lock we install for this Awning window.

Below are links which might help you find what you are looking for.


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