Unlocking Cars

Being locked out of your vehicle can happen quickly, & often happen when you’re in a rush.

Cars are becoming harder & harder to open as the manufactures are increasing security on their cars each year.

The high security level which was once reserved for high-end luxury cars is now being implemented in your basic Hyundai and the like. Making it tough for a Locksmith to open.

Some cars are quick & easy to open and we just charge a service call to attend your location to open the car,$88 this is the cheapest time to call between business hours.

If you have road care by RACQ or NRMA check to see if your covered for a free unlocking services

Opening some cars can give you, real satisfaction, like this Lamborghini I opened.                                          It’s not everyday someone locks their key in a Lamborghini

Unlocking Cars

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Unlocking Cars

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