Vault Door installation

Historically Vault doors were only found in Banks, protecting valuable items, Gold & Money

Vault doors have taken on a new purpose in protecting a different kind of valuable item.

This item is not Gold, nor money & it is invisible.

Data is now the new Gold.

Vault Door installation

If the client’s data goes missing, this could be a major problem in the wrong hands & cause the business to close.

Protection against commercial sabotage requires a Vault Door to be installed & protect against fire & theft.

 Vault Door installation Besser block Vault Door installation data safe

Vault Door installation with key

Vault Door installation with key & combination lock push button

 Vault Door installation walls with rebar

Data Cabling

The data cabling we installed is going to be put through the roofs concrete slab & protected by a pipe.

Fireproofing all the gaps to prevent a fire from getting into the secure area.

Smoke detection & Fire detection

Smoke detection provides the first trigger for the security system

Fire detection will trigger when the fire has reached the trigger temperature which is the rate of rising temperature to the roof.

Allowing time for the fire brigade to respond.

Within less than 5 seconds a control room operator can remote view the secure room.

Monitored 24-hours a day.

Installing CCTV

Apart from recording a break and enter, the Camera system allows any of the management to open a browser from any

computer in the premises & locate a staff member.

CCTV systems can restrict which cameras each staff member can view.

The owner of the business can 24 hours a day from any location in the world that has internet access view the camera system.

This is really handy as the business operates from America as well.

Vault Door installation with combination push button lock

Vault Door installation main wall finished

Main Wall finished

Vault Door installation finished

Walls done & door installed


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