Locksmiths Chambers Flats

Hi & Welcome to this Locksmiths Chambers Flats web page.

Here you will find all the Locksmith services we offer for Chambers Flats residences.

We are dedicated to providing a quality mobile locksmithing service for you.

Just bought a new house?

Locks can be keyed alike? You only need one key to unlock all your locks?

Changing the combination of your locks ensures no one else has the key to your property.

Security Screen door locks can also be matched to one key.

What is the cost to have your locks changed?

When we come to your property we change a service call of $66 during normal business hours.

Some locks have two keyholes “barrels” & we charge $22

Lock Installations

There are a few common types of locks that provide good security for houses.

Typically on the front door is a Handle lock & a deadbolt or deadlatch.

Front door Handle lock

Front or back door deadbolt

Dead Latch

Quality Locks is important

Locksmiths understand the difference in quality.

You will pay a bit more for a good quality made lock, but like everything most times you get what you pay for.

The handle lock above is a commercial grade lock, this lock can be installed on any door & reliable continue to work.

Locksmiths use this exact lock for Foyer entry doors on unit block apartments.

The truth about this type of lock is that the cost is only $30 more, so you can imagine if we installed this on your house front door; it’s going to last you forever.

I was surprised to see Bunnings also sell these locks for $65 which is about the same price we sell them for.


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