Window Locks

Nearly one child falls out of a window every week in Australia.

New regulations, guidelines, and security devices can keep preschoolers out of trouble.

About 50 children fall out of windows and off balconies every year in Australia

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Toddlers aged between one and four-years-old are most at risk because they are curious and agile, but can’t understand the danger.

Falls usually happen in the child’s home, during spring and summer, when families leave windows permanently open.


Window safety devices and strategies

One important window safety strategy is behavior modification: teach children not to climb up to windows or press hard against the glass.

Precautionary measures are also important.

  • Place beds away from windows.
  • Removing lightweight items out of the bedroom will decrease the chances of your child moving them to form a ladder need the window.
  • Check that older window frames can support the weight of a child leaning against it.

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