Videos about security

On this page, you can see some videos about the products we have installed.

Mailbox Security

What everyone needs to know about how to protect your mailbox from people stealing mail.

This person is caught on camera stealing mail out of mailboxes in Sydney

We have a Channel 10 news clip which explains more about this problem.

CCTV systems Brisbane “Video”

Commercial building around Brisbane CBD are filled with CCTV systems by private business owners in the hope to protect property & keep a video record of the event for many reasons. Like the potential of being sewed if a person falls over on purpose when in the shop.


Deadbolt a closer look “Video”

Information about deadbolts what to look for and what not to buy from Bunnings.


Access control systems Brisbane “Video”

Foyer doors and how they should work & adjusting door closers with an access control systems.

Window Locks “Video”

Window locks & how important they are to protecting children, this video is from NSW Government awareness in relation to protecting children, a Must watch “an informative video…”

Tecom Access control system

Adding a swipe card to a tecom challenger v8 access control system using titian software

Replacing an Astro Motice lock on a Unit Foyer Front Door

Replacing an Astra motice lock on a foyer door with a new Lockwood motice lock


Commercial Lock & door closer installation

Access Control CCTV System installed by Attend locksmiths

Inner Rage Intergrti access control system install with HID R30 proximity readers, Electric strike & door closers & cabling all installed by Attend Locksmiths

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